About the West Hickman Watershed Planning Survey

Welcome to where the ACTION begins! 

Have you ever noticed that there are always a lot of things needed in a community, but the issues that have enough support and people backing them get addressed while other needs just keep on being needs?  That happens because resources and time are limited, so naturally things go a lot better if someone advocates for an idea and shows up to help see it through.  This applies to how grants work. A watershed plan is a tool for getting ideas paid for so that they can become reality. 

Are you ready to make some noise for the needs where you live work or play? 

This is your chance to get it on the record that there is interest in a solution; and maybe also, and even better, some helping hands or matching funds to stretch resources and get things done!

LFUCG Division of Environmental Services is developing an improvement plan for the West Hickman Creek watershed. You’re invited to identify specific areas of concern and/or suggest potential improvements.

They’ve created an important tool that may help drive funding to community needs.  So that’s the purpose of the survey; the information that follows will help you to use it effectively.

Want to Learn More or Implement a Solution? You’re not alone!

Maybe you’re here to learn how you can know what is wrong with a stream, or to learn about solutions.  Consider this a quick primer on watershed management so that you have enough information to help express that you care.  And just know that you’re not committing to implementing the solution by suggesting it!  But do know that the Hickman Creek Conservancy is a resource for you to utilize if you do want to initiate an improvement. HCC can provide tools, extra volunteers, advertising help, and more.  Keep this in mind so we can help you if you do choose to mobilize.

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