West Hickman Watershed Citizen Survey

Thanks to all who participated in the survey to gather citizen input on the West Hickman Watershed Improvement Plan. Your input will help as LFUCG works to meet the community's needs. The input period for the survey has now closed.

Survey Purpose and Importance

Welcome to where the action begins! 

A watershed plan is a mandate for getting ideas paid for so that they can become reality. This survey was created to inform the plan and offers an important opportunity for you to voice your concerns and ideas for the land and water in which you live, work and play. 

Are you ready to raise your voice?

This survey is your chance to put on record your interest in having solutions implemented in your specific area of the watershed.  Identifying these locations on the map may help drive funding to your community and possibly matching funds to stretch those resources and helping hands to get things done! The information that follows will help you to use the survey effectively.

Want to Learn More or Implement a Solution? We can help!

Maybe you’re here to learn how to determine what is wrong with a stream, or to learn about solutions.  Consider this a quick primer on watershed management so that you have enough information to help express that you care.  And just know that you’re not committing to implementing the solution by suggesting it!  But should you want to initiate an improvement, the Hickman Creek Conservancy (HCC) is a resource for you to utilize. HCC can provide tools, extra volunteers, advertising help, and more.  Keep this in mind so we can help if you choose to mobilize. Contact us at: info@hickmancreek.org 


Step 1: Identify Concerns

Identify concerns you have seen within the watershed.
Examples of addressable concerns could be (but aren’t limited to):

  • Bank erosion
  • Artificial straightening of stream channel
  • Excessive trash
  • Invasive species (i.e. bush honeysuckle, winter creeper, etc.)
  • Excessive algae in water
  • Shiny or oily appearing water
  • Evidence of yard or pet waste being dumped in water or storm sewer system

Note: Due to the funding associated with this project, issues that relate strictly to flooding cannot be addressed, however some Best Management Practices (BMPs) that help to mitigate flooding problems can.  Those BMPs include retrofitting a detention basin for infiltration/native vegetation or creating a bioswale along a street or side yard among others. So, while flooding isn’t an addressable concern, related BMP’s are eligible.  

Bank Erosion image
Bank Erosion
Straightening of Channel
Straightening of stream channel


Step 2: Identify Improvements or BMPs

Suggest potential improvements or best management practices (BMP).
These are steps that you would like to see taken or be willing to install on property that you own or have a stake in.

Please limit responses to properties that you at least have a partial stake in (i.e. that you own or are a member of such as a Homeowners Association or church). 

Submitting a suggested improvement or BMP will not require you to complete this action, but it also does not guarantee funding.

BMPs identified may be included as a prioritized project within the Watershed Management Plan, making them eligible for federal non-point source funding.

Examples of BMPs include: (click and learn!)

Riparian Buffer Image
Riparian Buffer along Streambank


Step 3: Pin to a location on the Map (Instructions)

Add your concern or suggested improvement to the map by submitting the form below.

  1. Complete the information fields. 
  2. To create a point on the map where the area of concern or potential improvement is located, either :
     ->  Enter the location in the address box or
     ->  Zoom in and clicking on the map where the area is located. 
  3. Click submit


  • Only submit potential improvements (BMPs) on properties you own or have a stake in (i.e. member of the Homeowners Association or church). 
  • Only submit concerns or potential improvements within the West Hickman Watershed; the boundary is shown in red on the map. 
  • Submit as many locations as necessary, the more suggestions and input the better!
  • Contact information is not required for submittal.  However, if you would like to be kept up to date on the progress of the Watershed Management Plan, events, and volunteer activities, please provide.


Email info@hickmancreek.org 

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