Identification of concerns you have seen within the watershed.

Due to the funding associated with the watershed plan underway, issues that relate strictly to flooding cannot be addressed. Some water quality BMPs help to address flooding problems.  Those BMPs include retrofitting a detention basin for infiltration/native vegetation, or creating a bioswale along a street or side yard, among others.  So while flooding isn’t an addressable concern, related BMP’s are eligible.  Examples of addressable concerns could be (but aren’t limited to):

  • Bank erosion
  • Artificial straightening of stream channel
  • Excessive trash
  • Invasive species (i.e. bush honeysuckle, winter creeper, etc.)
  • Excessive algae in water
  • Shiny or oily appearing water
  • Evidence of yard or pet waste being dumped in water or storm sewer system

Bank Erosion image
Bank Erosion
Straightening of Channel
Straightening of stream channel


Identification of Solutions (BMPs)

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