Quercus shumardii: Shumard Oak

Also known as the lowland red oak.

Family: Fagaceae [beech], part of the fagoid group [with birches].

Form: large tree with lobed leaves and medium-sized nuts (acorns); makes open canopy with widely spreading limbs.

Range: southeastern USA (+ Ontario), from edge of Great Plains to Atlantic Coast; across Kentucky, but most common in Bluegrass.

Habitat: woods on base-rich soils, fairly dry to fairly moist but not at extremes; most common on limestone slopes and fertile lowlands; regenerating in edges and openings, not persisting under shade.

Consumers: acorns sought by deer, squirrels, weevils; plants sometimes browsed, and may be sensitive; various pests and diseases can damage or kill trees after their initial rapid growth.

Growing notes: acorns mature on tree after second summer, then germinate in spring; seedlings vigorous and easily transplanted.

shumard oak leaves
Shumard oak leaves. Image: https://ruffnermountain.org/nativeplantsale/quercus-shumardii-shumard-oak-wrzp5

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