West Hickman Watershed Planning

Improvement Plan: Goals and Proposed Projects

LFUCG Division of Environmental Services is developing an improvement plan for the West Hickman Creek watershed. An overview of the goals of the Watershed Management Plan, initial water quality testing results and potential interventions can be viewed in the slide presentation and Chapters 2-5 links below. 

West Hickman Watershed Management Plan (WHWMP)

Public Input Meetings for WHWMP Proposed Projects

Two public input meeting will be held virtually on November 30 @ 6pm and December 12 @4pm to present an update on the plan and collect additional feedback on Best Management Practices (BMPs) proposed for the watershed. See our events calendar or click the meeting date links in this paragraph for details.

Public Input Survey and Proposed Interventions

As part of the planning, we asked citizen like you where there were problems and potential solutions in the watershed. Below is a map of proposed projects called "Best Management Practices or BMPs" that were selected for the plan in response to the concerns and suggestions we received from the public input survey.  For more details on these proposed projects the public is invited to attend the additional public input meetings detailed above.  

Map of West Hickman Creek's Areas of Concern and Proposed Projects

To see a list of the proposed projects, click the right arrow at the top of the sidebar.

Or see the map on ArcGIS

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