To improve the conditions of West Hickman Watershed, the project team proposed best management practices (BMPs). BMPs range from small scale on private properties to large scale on public properties. The following is a list of the proposed BMPs. Read chapter 6 of the full watershed management plan for more information on the meaning of each BMP. 

  • Basin Retrofit
  • Tree Planting
  • Wetland
  • Stream Restoration
  • Sanitary Sewer Investigation 
  • Riparian Vegetation 
  • Bank Stabilization 
  • Green BMP
  • Fecal Matter Control
  • Dam Removal
  • Riparian Vegetation
  • Trash Removal
  • Unmapped SSO Repair

The project team calculated how much pollutant reduction is caused by implementation of each BMP. If all 152 proposed BMPs are implemented, the project team estimates that water quality at all stream sites will meet the water quality benchmarks, and West Hickman Creek will be considered a healthy stream. As BMPs are implemented throughout the watershed, LFUCG has plans to perform additional rounds of sampling to test how water quality has changed. 

The Following is a map of the proposed BMPs within West Hickman Creek Watershed. 

Or click here to view the map on ArcGIS Online

To see a list of the proposed projects, navigate to content on the left sidebar, then click show table under WH BMP Projects and WH BMP Sanitary Projects.



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